Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Behavior Management

My classroom is an inclusion room.  I have a handful of students that have very different behavioral struggles. With help from our district's occupational therapist, special education teacher and other intervention specialists, we have created a variety of behavior plans.  Some involve monitoring a specific behavior every hour, whereas other plans monitor behaviors only in the morning and afternoon. Take a look at some of our most commonly used behavior plans below.

Our school uses the green/yellow/red system. This first plan asks the student to evaluate herself and to document what color she is on for the morning and afternoon.  There are sections for teachers to comment, as well as parents.  I send this chart home with the student every night to be signed and brought back to school the next morning. This also allows for great documentation and constant communication with parents. 
Weekly Morning and Afternoon Behavior Plan

This next chart is a great motivator for those students that lack...well motivation!  I have one little guy that really struggles with concentrating on his work. He has a hard time getting anything done.  I stick this chart on the front of my desk.  When he finishes an assignment on his own, he gets to put a gold star sticker on the first letter. When he has enough stickers to cover the first 'BREAK', he gets a 5 minute break of his choice. I explain to this student that the room is open to him as long as he is not interrupting other students.
BREAK motivation plan

Another first grade teacher in my building, Ms. O., developed this next behavior plan as a great positive reinforcement for a specific goal. I use this chart to monitor a specific behavior more frequently throughout the day, compared to most of my behavior plans. We use stickers to keep track of the times the student was able to fulfill his/her target for the given time.  If the goal is met at the end of the week, then the child will receive the award.  I usually let my students choose the incentive if their goals are met. Ex: free time, special classroom job, classroom tickets...etc.
Hourly Behavior Chart
Hourly Behavior Chart Modified

The last chart that I wanted to share with you is for students that have a difficult time doing any independent work.  I have a kiddo who REALLY struggles completing ANYTHING on his own.  This plan is to help the parents, and myself, see what types of assignments are more difficult for him to finish, as well as document and patterns that might be taking place.  Ex: Is he having a more difficult time in a certain subject? A certain time of day?
In this plan, I quickly jot down the assignments/activities that the class worked on that may have required some, if not all, independent work.  Then I mark how he did according to the scale provided.  There is also a section for any comments.  I do this daily and the student has it signed every night and brought back to school the next morning. 
Task Chart

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