Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teaching Tools: Write and Wipe Signs

I received these great signs through the Highlights School Program when my students returned 15 signed forms.  If you're not familiar with the Highlights School Program, take a look at the link for more information. It's a great way to get free gifts for your classroom!

Anyway, our class received 4 Write and Wipe Center Signs and they are very teacher/student friendly!!!  Each board can be used with dry- or wet-erase markers. But when ordered through Highlights, they include Crayola's new  Dry Erase Crayons! (WHO KNEW?!) They also include a small pouch that can be used to keep your crayons in and wipe off your boards. On the back of each board, there is a clear pocket that can hold an 8.5x11in. piece of paper. (That might be good for the center directions.)

I'm planning on using these for small group stations or book clubs. I just got them in the mail today and I'm SO excited to use them! If you are not interested in the Highlights program, you can order these through Learning Resources or Amazon.

*I already use clear picture frames, from Wal-Mart, to post my center information. These are super cheap and easy to store.  Plus, they don't take up so much room at each center!  See below:


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