Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher Monday!

OBX 2011

Hi Friends!!!

This week is Teacher Week hosted by Blog Hoppin' and I decided to join in on the fun! Take a look for great ideas and get to meet more teachers! Today is Meet the Teacher Monday....

Hannah reading her Elmo book
 About me.... 
     My name is Sarah Tringhese (Mrs. T's First Grade) and this is going to be my 6th year teaching first grade.  I am married to my hubby, Tommy, who has me belly-laughing all the time. Funniest ever.  We'll be celebrating our 7th anniversary in December!! We have a beautiful daughter, Hannah, who will be turning 2 in December.  She has a great personality and a HUGE crush on Elmo. (Quite frankly I don't get the whole 'Elmo' thing, but we roll with it.) We recently found out that we are expecting baby 2.0 in February!!  (I think it's a boy...we'll find out soon!)

 School supplies I can't live without...
  • Purple Pens
  • Baskets
  • Chart Paper
  • Hot glue gun!!
  • Stamps
  • Laminator - Our school just got one. It is my new boyfriend. I love it! 

 You may not know... 
Surprisingly enough, they're alive!

  • I love playing the piano, reading about castles and watching old movies. (Dork, I know.)
  • My dream is to go to Italy with my husband one day.
  • I enjoy planting flowers. They're usually dead in a week but managed to survive this year!!!

  Things that make me happy...  
Taking pictures of my family 

Biltmore Estate - Favorite place to visit
Movies - I can put down some popcorn!!

Home away from home      

BEST ice cream ever! 

Love them!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tired of Sticky Tack?

Well, I've been dragging myself into school to get some things done.  Being that our Open House is next week, I've been focusing on the setup of my room and hallway.  I am always reluctant to hang anything up in the hall because the majority of it will end up on the floor by the next morning.  Nothing would irritate me more than to walk in and find my hard work scattered all over the place.

And then my prayers were answered...

Someone (I don't remember exactly who) told me about the miracles of a hot glue gun! A few teachers in our building have been using hot glue to hang up materials for some time now.  Apparently, hot glue will hold anything to the wall without ruining the material or the paint on the wall!! It's amazing! I am ALSO relieved to spend my time doing other things than standing in the hall picking off sticky tack. (Sticky tack is not my friend.)  I needed to invest in a long extension cord but it was worth it!  So I wanted to share this with those who struggle with sticky tack, masking tape...etc.  I just put up a display outside my class.  I will let you know how long it stays up!! 

*Everything that I hung up so far has been laminated paper or cloth.  I have not tried to hang up regular paper with hot glue...yet.