Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Buzz! Spelling Game

Quick post... 

We play a quick game called 'Buzz' to help us review spelling.  I was taught how to play this game while doing my student teaching in 3rd grade.  (So it can be for any grade level.)  The best part...the kids get to sit on their desks and they LOVE that!

I have my students all sit on their desks, facing the same direction.  I give a word to spell and each student will help spell the word by giving a letter. When the word is finished, the next person in turn will say 'buzz'.  (Ex: "bed"... student 1:"b", student 2: "e", student 3: "d", student 4: "buzz".) If a student says the wrong letter during their turn, they have to sit down.  We keep going until there is one person left. (Similar to a spelling bee but each student only says 1 letter.) 

*I also do not repeat what letter was said prior to a student's turn if he/she did not hear it.  It requires them to pay attention and listen. 


Christine said...

Great game! I am excited to be a new follower. Thanks for sharing!


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